Some areas and soils are better for growing coriander than others. Before doing any more planning, find out if they will grow well on your farm. You will need to do a soil test to determine this. It will tell you: 

  • How healthy your soil is
  • Which fertilisers to add to make your soil better
  • Which crops will grow well in your soil.
If you would like a soil test, call CropNut’s soil testing service Daktari Wa Udongo on +254 790 499190 or send an email to  They will take samples of your soil from your farm to test and send you a report. A soil test will save you money and it will give you a bigger and better crop.

Coriander (commonly known as Dhania) is a very sweet spice. It is rich in Vitamin C and  minerals, signified by the dark-­green colour. The crop is also easy to grow.

  • Dhania can be grown on a wide range of soils but it does best in well­-drained alluvial or light sandy loam, rich in organic matter.
  • It does not tolerate heavy rains or waterlogging.
  • The herb grows well in mild warm to cool weather and you can make shade to cover it in hot areas.