Kale, which is popularly known as sukuma wiki, is a short season crop that can be grown on a small plot.

Before you decide to plant kale, you need to make sure that your soil is suited for it. To find this out,  you will need to get a soil test, which will tell you how healthy your soil is, how much fertilizer you will need and what crops will grow well in your farm.

Call CropNut’s soil testing service, Daktari Wa Udongo, on +254 790 499190 or send an email to support@cropnuts.com.  They will take samples of your soil from your farm to test and send you a report. A soil test will save you money and it will give you a bigger and better crop.

They grow well in cool conditions with temperatures of 16-20 Celsius, well distributed rainfall of 1500mm per annum and altitudes between 800 - 2200m. However if you are in a dry area, you can grow kale under irrigation.

Well drained fertile soils that are rich in organic matter and with a pH range of 6-6.5, are the best for kale.