Pests and Diseases

Spinach whiteflies



These are small white insects found below the leaf surface. They sack sap from crops


Aphids are small green or yellow like insects found on the leaves of vegetables. They sack the sap from plants ad also carry diseases.



Spinach leaf spotThis is a soil-borne disease caused by a fungus. You see small dark to brown spots on the leaves and they eventually form holes on the leaves.

To control Leafspots, plant certified seeds, practice crop rotation and treat using Control or Sulcop from Osho Chemicals.

Downey Mildew

Spinach pests and diseasesDowney Mildew is a  white fungal growth below the leaves which later produce black or brown spots on the upper side of leaves.  It starts as early as in the nursery and extends to all stages of the crop, if not well managed. To control, rotate your field, practise good nursery hygiene and treat using Control or Master from Osho Chemicals.