Tomato is a very common crop grown by small and large scale farmers in Kenya as it is a  high value short season crop. Traditionally, the crop was grown in open fields. Overtime, farmers have embraced greenhouse production.Tomato is very rich in vitamins. It is commonly used in salads, as a vegetable, processed into tomato paste, sauce and puree. Tomatoes grow well under the following conditions:

  • Medium rainfall range of 760 - 1300 mm though can be done under irrigation 
  • Optimum temperature of 20-25 Celsius during the day and 15-17 Celsius at night
  • Well-drained light loam fertile soils with a pH of 5-7(acidic). 

To find out if tomatoes will grow well on your farm, you will need to do a soil test. Call CropNut’s soil testing service Daktari Wa Udongo on +254 790 499190 or send an email to  They will take samples of your soil from your farm to test and send you a report. A soil test will save you money and it will give you a bigger and better crop