Transplanting tomatoes

Transplanting tomatoes

Step 1

Transplant seedlings after 3-4 weeks (15–25 cm tall and or with 3 - 5 leaves)

Step 2

One week before you move, give plants less water to harden them.

Step 3

Dig holes 1 ½ feet apart  in a row with rows 2 feet apart and ½ foot (15cm) deep.

Step 4

Put a handful of manure and a bottle top of planting fertilizers like Mavuno Planting NPK 10.26.10 per hole.

Step 5

Mix soil with fertiliser and manure well.

Step 6

Uproot a seedling with a ball of soil and plant then firm soil around them.

Step 7

Drench again with PEARL and CONTROL 70DF from Osho Chemicals and water the seedlings regularly. Drenching helps to kill early pests and diseases.
Drenching soil