Ways to use mobile money


With your phone you can save money, get a loan or get insurance. Often you do not have to travel to the bank – you can do it from your own home.

To save money, send money from a MPESA/mobile money account to a savings account. Some accounts pay interest. This means that the bank pays you a small amount of money to keep money in an account.

Ken using mobile moneyIf you have a mobile savings account, you can apply for a loan on your mobile wallet (like MPESA). The bank will decide how much to lend you based on your airtime, savings and payment history.Mobile savings accountMobile loans are small and have to be paid back quickly. Only use mobile loans for emergencies.

Insure your crops using your phone

Use your phone to get insurance for your crops. Look for seed packets that come with insurance. They contain scratch cards telling you how to insure your crop. Follow the instructions on the card.

No rainTalk to the insurance company to fully understand how it works. If there is no rain and your seeds do not grow, you will need to make a claim to get your money back.

If there is rain, you will get a harvest!

Rain harvest insuranceRemember: You have to pay for every withdrawal that you make from your phone. Check the cost of any mobile service before you try it.