Broilers are chickens that are raised and bred for meat. Kenchic Broilers in particular, are high feeders and grow very fast. They should be ready to be sold within 4 and 5 weeks of age, when they weigh around 1.5 and 3kgs. Your flock will be able to attain this optimal weight if you feed them correctly.

Broilers are a profitable and worthwhile enterprise, however, the reason why a lot of broiler farmers fail or make losses, is because they start without a business plan. This is one of first and  most important things that you need to draw up.

A good business plan will outline what goals you wish to achieve and how you intend to get there. It will also allow you to identify your market before your start to real broilers.  Possible markets include local hotels, schools, restaurants, cafeterias, shopping outlets and other regular users.

If you identify your market before starting your business then you are assured of selling your broilers as soon as they mature and have a successful business.

You should also keep good farming records and accounting of your business operation. This will let you keep track of whether you are making a profit or not.