Building a chicken house

Chicken house

A good chicken house will keep your chicken safe and healthy. Clean it every day. Keep the house locked to stop people or animals from going inside. They may spread diseases.

  • Build your house from East to West. This stops hot sun and strong winds

  • 4 feet high walls with 3 ft wire mesh. The wire mesh allows good airflow.

  • Put curtains on the window to stop cold breezes. Close them at night.

  • A footbath with disinfectant will keep out pests and diseases. Always wear a dust coat and sanitise hands when attending to your chicken.

  • Make a flat cement floor. Cement floors are easy to clean. Wood shavings on the floor will absorb droppings.

  • Each broiler chicken needs at least 1 square foot of space. Make sure you know how many birds you plan to keep before you build the house.