Popularly known as Pilipili hoho, capsicum are a sturdy type of plant rarely attacked by diseases or pests, though it still needs proper preventive care. Capsicum grows well in altitudes of up to 2,000M and medium rainfall of about 600-1200mm per annum. The optimum temperatures for growth are 15ºC-25 ºC. They also grow well in soils with a ph of 6.0-6.5.

Get your soil ready

  • Dig your soil so it is loose and deep. This is so the roots can grow through the soil. Make beds 15 cm high and 30 cm apart.
  • If soil is acidic (low pH) add lime. If soil is alkaline (high pH) add gypsum.
  • Do a soil test to see which fertilisers you need.

Capsicums grow best in a greenhouse. Use these tips for a good harvest: