Crop management

Capsicum crop management

For a good Capsicum harvest, you want an even fruiting up the plant. Most nutrients come from the soil. If there are too many fruits at the bottom, they will use up all of the nutrients. Nutrients will not travel to the fruits at the top and they will die.

Check soil moisture

Use your hands to check how wet the soil is every day.  If the soil is dry and hard, plants cannot get water and nutrients. You will get a bad harvest. Do not water your plants in the evening. The soil will be too wet overnight and you will get more diseases.  

Checking soil moisture

Support your capsicums

Capsicum fruits are heavy. Support your Capsicum plants with wire.

Supporting capsicum

Tie the plant to the wire with a string. Twist the plant around the string. Take care not to damage the plant.

Supporting your Capsicums helps air to circulate. You will have less pests and diseases.

Prune Capsicum plants every week.

Pruning lets the plant use water and nutrients to make big fruits, all of the same size. Take off small fruits and any with a bad shape

Step 1

Take off side shoots (suckers). Leave 2 shoots on each plant. Take off old leaves and leaves with diseases

Pruning_remove side shoots

Step 2

Take off the first fruit, so the plant can grow better. Take off extra fruits so that the ones that are left can grow big.

Pruning_remove first fruit

Clean your greenhouse often

Weed every week by hand. Weeds take water and nutrients away from your crop. Weeds also hide pests and diseases. Check for pests and diseases every morning. You can also stop weeds by using dry grass as mulch

Capsicum weeding