Transplanting capsicum seedlings

Plantraisers Capsicum seedlings

Grow Capsicums in a greenhouse. You will get a bigger harvest and have less pests. Choose a good variety from Royal Seed. Buy seedlings instead of seeds because:

  • You will get a crop faster - seedlings save you one month

  • You will not lose lots of seedlings to pests and diseases

  • You do not need a nursery as seedlings can be planted straight away.

Plant Raisers grow seedlings in clean trays and soil to stop pests and diseases. You do not need to add fertiliser at planting.

Step 1

Use drip irrigation so your plants get enough water and fertiliser. Each plant needs ½ a litre of water every day.

Capsicum planting dimensions

  • Draw a zigzag along the bed between the drip lines.

  • Plant seedlings next to the holes in the drip line. More water will get to the roots and less will be wasted. The drip holes should face up.     

  • Plant seedlings 60cm apart. If they are too close together when they are bigger they will not grow well.

Step 2

Check soil moisture with your hand. To check if your plants are getting enough water, pick up a handful of soil.Checking soil moisture

  • If the soil is too wet, it will stick to your hands and stay in a ball when you squeeze it together. In addition, if the plant has too much water it will fall over and the stem will rot. This is called damping off and the plant can die.
  • If the soil is too dry, it will not stick together at all.

Step 3

For the first 2 weeks, water seedlings 2-3 times a week. After 2 weeks, water every day. This makes roots go deeper into the soil and makes them stronger. The plants will grow well and give you a good harvest

Do not water your plants in the evening. The soil will be too wet overnight and you will get more diseases.