Artificial Insemination

Cow with swollen vulva

Artificial Insemination (AI) is the best way to improve your cows. Choose semen for your cow based on what you will use the calf for.

If you want a lot of milk you will need to breed for:

  • a good udder (strong, square and with well spaced teats)

  • good feet and legs (straight, wide and strong)

  • good fertility (breeds easily, calves easily).

CRV semen from Coopers is very good and there are a lot of choices. Choose semen before your cow comes on heat, so that you can be sure you get the semen you want. Do not let the vet choose for you.

Cow on heat signs

CRV catalogue

Call your vet when you first see signs of the cow on heat. Your cow must be served 12-18 hours after you see a swollen vulva and clear discharge. When you see blood, it is too late. Your cow was on heat 3 days ago. You will have to wait until the next heat in 18-22 days before you can do AI.

Note: If the discharge is white, yellow or smelly, call your vet. Your cow may have an infection.

For more information, please visit the CRV website on or your nearest Coopers distributor. You can call Coopers on Tel: +254 20 420 6000.