Diseases and Vaccinations

ECF symptoms

Another way of controlling diseases is through vaccination. Below is a list of some of the common diseases to vaccinate against and at various ages. Make sure you get a Vet to vaccinate your cows for you. DON’T do it yourself.


Age: 3-8 months for heifers

Application: Once in a lifetime

Comments: During threats of outbreak the whole breeding herd may be vaccinated. Use vaccine with care. S19 live vaccine can cause brucellosis in humans.

Anthrax and Blackquarter

Age: 3 years

Application: Yearly or upon warning of impending outbreak

Comments: The vaccine is affordable and effective. Anthrax is deadly for humans and animals

East Coast Fever

Age: 1 month and above

Application: Under the ear

Comments: Only licensed veterinarians who are trained on infections and treatment methods should use and administer

Foot and Mouth disease

Age: 2 weeks and above

Application: Every 6 months in endemic areas.

Comments: Different strains exist. Consult you veterinarian on the choice of vaccine.


Age: 3 months and above

Application: Cattle can be vaccinated annually and must be vaccinated when there is an outbreak

Comments: This is the only vaccine that can protect already affected herds if it is done within maximum of a week after the outbreak. Report suspected cases immediately to the veterinary authorities in your area.

Rift Valley Fever(RVF)

Age: 6 months and above

Application: Some vaccines are live vaccines so handle with care. RVF in humans can be deadly so control is very important

Lumpy Skin

Age: 1 month and a bove

Application: Preventive when there is a risk of outbreak.

Comments: If using live vaccine, separate cattle from sheep and goats, as the vaccine is derived from modified sheep pox virus which can cause pox in sheep and goats.